Canterbury tales.

Eventually, the story ends with few narrations than the agreed one hundred and twenty. As a result, Chaucer a character in the story renounces secular tales told of the journey. The character also describes other stories including the Canterbury account as immoral.

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer has several characters that include the pilgrims and additional characters listed in the course of storytelling. Some characters play an important role to the entire narrations. The characters include Chaucer, who plays the role of the narrator in the story. The Knight is another character in the story described as the first wayfarer. Other notable figures include Bath’s wife who is represented as an expert woman in the narrations. The Pardoner is also part of the description that reprieves penance for the sheer exchange of church donations (Lynch 211). The list of characters is endless to include the monk, the prioress, and the frair among others.

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The narration Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer has several themes and symbols used. A major theme in the story is the courtly love evident during the explanation of the landowner. The description of the theme elaborates the landowner’s belief when he evaluates his role in the society. The company is a relevant term that describes the relationship theme and sense of togetherness evident in the story. Several pilgrims finish their narration by wishing well for the other travelers. Additionally, corruption is a significant theme displayed in the story on various occasions. The historical period of the Catholic doctrine explains a wealthy community around Catholic churches (Lynch 176). The narration illustrates the theme on several occasions when churchmen accept bribes as tokens of appreciations.

The symbols used in the play include the spring season is evident in the story illustrating a rebirth process.

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