However, the profession was taken more seriously with time and in the middle ages, there were more people working formerly as nurses (Ehrenreich and English, 2010). However, most of them were women of low standing in society with little training or organization (Dingwall, Rafferty and Webster, 2002). The history of nursing was revolutionized by the entry of Florence Nightgale who dedicated her life to helping the suffering and ill after she witnessed the thousands of people dying untended for during the Crimean war in 1854 (Dossey,2009). Thanks to her efforts, modern and professional nursing came about and today nursing is considered both and important and respectable career. Consequently, a great deal of research has been carried out on the professional and to this end, several nursing models have been developed.

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Roy’s model of nursing is based on the conceptualization of a person as a holistic entity with individual elements coming together to form a complete being. It is grounded on the following core components person, health, environment, and nursing. this model posits that the environment in which a person lives must be taken to account. This is because there is a constant interchange of information, matter and energy between the individual and the environment (Roy and Andrews, 1999). The model’s major strengths include the fact that it provides an efficient guide for nurses to use in interviewing and carrying out individual patient assessments, and it is easily applicable in nursing practice. However, it is weakened by the fact that it requires a great deal of painstaking effort to apply and with so many components, and as a result, it is rather challenging to get a reliable outcome.

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