Career Development.

Personal and Professional Profile.

Categorical initiatives could benefit the industry, but there is a broader push on the component of the regime to try out and promote salubrious healthy living.

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Career Development.
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Factors like utility prices and salary rates will have an impact on numerous aspects of the industry, as costs will elevate and customers may need to prioritize their expenditure as their disposable income are cut down.

From the PESTEL analysis of the three companies, namely Fitness First, Virgin Active, and Gold’s Gym companies, it is evident that people have placed their health first before everything else. Most of their management skills have been enhanced to keep the clients satisfied and eager to search for better health opportunities. It is also true that in most fitness centers, customers who are satisfied with the services come back often and build a good reputation for the companies.

General Managers are normally responsible for daily operations of a business. Planning, Monitoring and Controlling is what they need to do. Responsibilities also include hiring or training staff members and to deal with clients.

Business Development Managers are needed in the Health and Beauty Industry as the market becomes more and more occupied and as competition level increases. That is why it is vital to have a specialist, who is focused on innovations and improvements.

When analysing business processes, I was able to identify important issues and made some useful recommendations, like the development of a web-site and advertising of new products and services via texts to the customer base

I am an experienced strategic planner and consultant with proven results in a variety of industries. My entrepreneurial spirit has permitted me to achieve established success, along with my understanding of market trends and implementing processes to grow and expand products and services.

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