Careers in accounting.

Information prepared is for internal use not general public. Helps organization’s plan the cost of doing business, work on budgeting and performance evaluation.

Most researched accounting position is accountant, both in public/private sectors. Skills required for success in accounting that will not only increase ones job satisfaction but build towards long term career goals include the following. Organization. being organized is a way of demonstrating to fellow workers/supervisors /managers that you are reliable/competent /able to get a job done. For good accountant one needs to have a system to keep track of those responsibilities they manage to ensure that they fulfill all duties to the best of ability. Tools like calendars, day planners can be used. Time management. good time management skills are needs to effectively budget their time to be able to manage their workload. Should be able to manage competing priorities while completing everything in time. This therefore aids in healthy work/life balance. Adaptability. since accounting industry is dynamic, one who is able to adapt quickly have an added advantage over others and able to embrace should focus on their strengths and use in tight situations. Communication skills. strong communication skills are extremely communicate well in writing and in person will help you get a job, work as a team with co-workers, interact with clients. Good interpersonal skills vital for networking. Leadership. one needs to balance being a role model and person in charge while still being part of a accounting, leadership skills include long term planning and strategic thinking thus ability to look ahead is key.leardership involves being visionary-making decisions that involves creativity.

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