Case discssion

By taking into concern the above discussed aspects, the statement “Begum and Playfoot show that the law is based on fair procedures and tests that respects human rights and justly determine the way in which people of different (and no) faith interrelate with each other in school environments” would be discussed. It would be vital to mention that R (Begum) v Headteacher and Governors of Denbigh High School and R (Playfoot) v Millais School Governing Body are two separate cases relating to equality and human right that would be analysed for discussing the above statement.

The case of Begum can be apparently observed to examine the phenomenon of expressing religious belief through the selection of specific dresses or outfits. In this similar concern, Begum desired to wear a conservatively styled garment, referred as ‘jilbab’ in the school, which was however disapproved by the school management. Shabina Begum was a student at Denbigh High School in a secondary school in her comunity. The school provided shalwar kameeze specifically for the Muslim girls as school uniform. The disapproval of the school in wearing ‘jilbab’ and its refusal to permit Ms. Begum for attending school unless she wore the proper school uniform, eventually became a ground to bring the lawsuit against the school authority. According to Ms. Begum, she was forced to sue the school arguing that her liberty towards manifesting her ‘religion or belief’ and right to education, as was assured under the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 (ECHR) and the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), were infringed (Butcher, 2011). Notably, the right of an individual towards their conscience, thought and religion is fundamentally assured by Article 9 of the ECHR.

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Case discssion
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