Case Management Discussion.

The environment may not be supportive of that since he may find himself getting back to drugs again. He is therefore requesting case management to assist his friends who are still in the streets to get off drugs.

He is asking his parents not worry about him anymore since he is now drug-free. He may not be sober but he can be able to take care of himself and he wishes his parents could understand that. He also wants people to change their attitude towards him. Most people think he can’t take care of himself because he is been a drug addict before .They also think he can’t take care of his dog. But the fact is, he is very responsible and takes good care of his dog, takes it for a walk in the park and ensures it has a lot of food. He also travels with him everywhere he goes.

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Case Management Discussion.
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My client is in the maintenance and relapse prevention stage. This is the stage where a patient is trying to incorporate new behavior and avoiding any slips. My client having been a drug addict, he has changed his drug-life behavior and trying to start a new life. He is also doing his best in avoiding any slips despite the neighborhood being full of drugs and addicts.

To help the client in the stage to move forward, I will recommend that he relocates to a drug-free neighborhood to avoid any event of falling back to drugs again. I also recommend that he be re-united with his family and let them and other people accept him and support him by seeing him as a transformed and responsible individual. He will also need constant counseling to help him through the whole process.

One guiding principle of the Recovery Model that relates the interaction with the client is that Community involvement as defined by the user of service is central to the recovery process. This is directly related to my client since it’s the community group that helped him to get to where he is.

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