Case study of Mcdonalds.

The rapid decline of revenues and deteriorating market position of 1990s could be contributed to number of factors like highly competitive global business environment, tough market conditions, tough labour conditions, lowering of costs of products, lack of new products etc. But under the stewardship of James Cantalupo, who took charge in 2003, the firm started making a definite turnaround. Efficient exploitation of the internal resources of the firm was the major contributory element which helped it to regain its market.

McDonald’s corporate strategy mainly relies on creating value through customer satisfaction. It has been able to gain effective leverage against its rivals by exploiting its internal resources which are: brand equity, quality products and exemplary service. It has evolved into the best fast food centre through customer satisfaction and meeting their changing preferences. The use of technology and uniformity in its products has been the hallmark of its fast food across the world. The unmatched efficiency in the delivery of its services and the uniform quality of its food has become the unique feature of all its outlets. They provide quality food at low prices and give ‘value’ to the customers. Indeed, McDonald is the first food chain that has truly become global in its operation and values.

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The managerial leadership realized the importance of identifying the changing eating habits and accordingly introduced changes within its products. The burgers have been its main products that it has maintained by customising it as per the preference of the customers. It has also introduced wide variety of salads and healthy food in its menu while at the same time, localizing the products by adding local flavour. They differentiated the products by customising it according to the demands of the customers.

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