Case study, Sensible Life Products.


for disinfectant products has been increasing steadily owing to the increased awareness from campaigns focusing on the importance of cleanliness and disinfection. Additionally, recent years have seen an increment in the number of infectious such as the avian flu thereby causing increased demand for disinfectants. This implies that there is a relatively large and ready market for SLP products. However, amid the rising demand consumers trends are changing in favor of products that consume minimum time possible. As such, it is recommended that SLP’s management consider organizations that are producing products that are easy to use and time saving such as wipes. This will ensure that benefect will retain its relevance in the market amid changing consumer trends.

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Case study, Sensible Life Products.
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Additionally, market research shows that consumers are highly interested in learning about bacteria and germ protection. Furthermore, research studies shows that consumer preferences are changing in favor of environmental friendly products. As such, it is recommended that SLP channels more energy and resources into partners that have clear strategies of marketing benefect. Additionally, more importantly is a firm that will teach about the benefits of using environmentally friendly disinfectants such as benefect. However, this is seemingly difficult since a campaign promoting use of organic disinfectants would act against other products of most companies. Nonetheless, striking such a deal would ensure that benefect is still being produced and ensuring human health while simultaneously conserving the environment.

Furthermore, disinfectants are regulated products hence the need to have a firm with extensive experience regarding the sale of regulated products. This implies the befitting firm to strike a deal with SLP was probably one already dealing with disinfectant products. Moreover, potential firms needed to have knowledge of the appropriate target market in which to sell the disinfectant products.

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