Cast study- Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Mrs. A hemoglobin and hematocrit levels fall below those of a healthy person. Her reticulocyte levels, erythrocyte count and RBC smear are also short of those of a healthy person. In addition to the below healthy values, the low blood pressure, increased temperatures, elevated respiratory rates and heart beat rate noted by the physician points to low oxygen levels in the cells. The low oxygen levels emerge from poor oxygen supply. Based on the cases and values represented, it is convenient for doctors to diagnose the type of anemia such as megaloblastic, pernicious, aplastic and iron deficiency anemia. Mrs. A values shows that she has iron-deficiency anemia.

For 10-12 years, Mrs. A has dealt with menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea. Menorrhagia is the excessive losses of blood during the menstrual period while dysmenorrheal refer to the painful cramps that accompany the blood loss. Quite a number of women with bleeding disorders experience the two gynecological complications. Since it has been a long time that Mrs. A has experienced the blood loss, there is develops a high likely hood of developing iron deficiency anemia. Essentially, medical evidence points out that frequent menorrhagia and poor management of blood loss during the menstrual cycle increases the chances of getting iron-deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia in adults, especially women, comes from blood loss (Meselson, 2013). The fact that Mrs. A ingests 1000 milligrams of aspirin after every 3 or 4 hours for six days during her menses increases the chances of further blood loss. Additionally, the ingestion of Aspirin to reduce the stiffness in her joints while playing golf is dangerous to her well-being. Aspirin is non-steroidal in nature and it can trigger gastrointestinal bleeding.

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 Cast study- Iron Deficiency Anemia.
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According to Burke and Deakin (1998) adolescent females that engage in endurance training bear higher risks of developing iron-deficiency anemia.

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