Celebrities can Never be True Heroes in Our Lives

, But Our Parents Can Be

However, all of that changes once adolescence sets in for most kids. We then start to see parents more as controlling freaks who just dont understand the needs of a teenager. They just dont get it and therefore, can never be the hero in the world of a teenager. But, celebrities get it and that is why we turn our attention to the celebrities and their world of make believe adoration for the hero worship that we seek. to bestow upon people.

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Celebrities can Never be True Heroes in Our Lives
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Celebrities represent everything that a child wishes to be in life. They leap off the movie screens as heroes and rebels who always win in the end. The publicity that surrounds them tend to give them almost superhuman quality. Thus making them the envy of every insecure teenager in the world, or a heroic inspiration to some of their almost blind followers who begin to pattern their lives and way of thought after these person or people who have caught their admiration and attention.

While parents try to control their teenagers at this point in their lives, the teenager continues to struggle for a sense of self and an identity to call all his own. By admiring celebrities, the child can practically try on different personalities with the “guidance” of a person who is actually living the life that the child had in mind. What teenagers do not realize at this point in their lives, is that the celebrities actually live shallow, lonely lives that are devoid of any real meaning or purpose.

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