Celebrities Endorsement.

Within the advertising arena, celebrity endorsement has created a global phenomenon of product acceptance through the successful promotion of brands that virtually influences fans associating with a specific celebrity. In addition, these types of advertisements are associated with good memory among recipients and product consumers as remembering celebrity advertisements is very easy as compared to normal advertisements. Even though the art of celebrity endorsement appears to have many advantages, it is wise to note that the art has a number of risks that may not seem very serious, but may affect a brand. The essence of introducing celebrities into the advertising arts is mainly to act as selling points or advertising tools for firms and marketers. However, this good will might be overturned in the event that they overshadow the promotion and end up promoting themselves. In addition, the advertised firms or products might be exposed to direct exposure of harm and thus having a negative impact to the brand’s character.Celebrity endorsement in advertising is not a new topic as the last few years the art has rapidly grown to form a major marketing communication strategy practiced by major firms in carrying out branding and promoting a corporate image.Celebrity branding presents itself as a type of advertising through which celebrities become ambassadors of firms or products and use their status in the society to win people by endorsing and promoting their respective advertisements.

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