Change management.


Based on my personal reflection on the group case study, relevant change management theories and class discussion I intend to reflect on my personal perspective of managing change. My discussions will comprehensively indicate lessons learned from group case study, how my perspective on change management had been altered in the course of the semester and the implications of my current perspective of change management on my approach to future organisational change.

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Change management.
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I tend to regard Prosci’s ADKAR model of change as my personal perspective of managing change. According to Zimmermann (2011), ADKAR is a goal oriented change management model that is focused on individual level in an organisation. This model enables change management committee or relevant authority to focus their objectives on specific organization related results. I am of the opinion that organizational change entails adoption of new mindsets, internal and external policies, practices and organizational behaviours that are primarily pegged on the framework of individual’s culture and organizational culture. Therefore, ADKAR’s model in my perspective effectively enables individual and further organizational adjustment of prevailing culture and subsequently the behaviour. My analysis of the model indicated that it highly emphasized on employees’ transition into the new organizational status as opposed to other models of organizational change that are process oriented. Surprisingly, I observed that all models of organizational change implement ADKAR’s elements of change either directly or indirectly since all organizational change entails behavioural and psychological transition of employees. With reference to the case study of my group, pay@pump of Caltex, creation of awareness that is an aspect of ADKAR model was instrumental in the implementation of Caltex’s operational changes.

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