Change the formula.


We had to wait for a long time to receive our food especially after the waiters taking 20 minutes before they took our order. The waiters did not help me at the time when we needed more information about some options that I did not have adequate knowledge about. In general, I consider the experience at Olive gardens as irritating since it did not offer its clients a welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the services, I was also harmed psychologically during my stay at the hotel. The waiters were not willing to provide a friendliness environment to me since one of the waiters declined to my request for change of a hot dish. In determining the experience at Olive gardens, I used the following indicators in Omachonu and Ross (2004):

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 Change the formula.
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In regards to the practice of total quality management and improving organization-wide performance, explain the importance and relationship of the value chain, quality, and satisfied customers. NOTE: This is a 20 point item and students are expected to write 4 – 8 sentences or a moderate-sized paragraph. In other words, be thorough and offer a “scholarly” response and not just your opinion.

With reference to excellence, the organizations need to analyze the needs and expectations of customers, because the latter forms an inherent part of the profitability of any organization. This happens since they are the end-buyers, which the organizations consider as one major source of cash inflows. Intuitively, the determination of the needs will help an organization to determine the taste and preference of the customers, concerning improving quality and general satisfaction. Upholding good image among the potential customers, requires an organization to be in a position of raising a unique product, which is capable of retaining and attracting the customers.

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