Characteristics of a good citizen.

Another vital responsibility is by participating in elections and exercising their right to vote. They have to show responsibility because it is a requirement for democratic governments (Jackson 2013).

To be a good citizen, an individual should participate in all community activities at all times and be involved in the betterment of the lives of other citizens. Participation in community requires people to know what is happening in the neighborhood and report anything suspicious to the authorities. To be a good citizen, one also needs to be civically active and obey laws all the time. All these actions are vital because they make the society safe and a better place to live (Jacques 2011).

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Characteristics of a good citizen.
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The actions are a sign of active citizenship, and they facilitate governance at all levels of the society. Active citizenship is a significant step towards a healthy nation. Crime tends to reduce because criminals cannot thrive in a community that reports wrongdoers and suspicious people to the law enforcers. There are also significant economic gains when people contribute their efforts to society developments. There is also increased peace because people get contented with the leaders they choose.

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