Charismatic Leadership.

They manifest such powers that are thought to rise above the rational and normal. They are believed to have magical or oracular qualities that are based on ability to foresee events. They emerge from ordinary population, announce themselves as saviour and people consider them valid. Leader may prove his legitimacy by demonstrating his extraordinary experience, predicting future or by putting forward his unique vision, prophecy or inspiration. Such proves makes his charisma unquestionable and win devoted believers for him (Morrison 2006, p.365).Max Weber defined charismatic leadership as:

“Rests on devotion to the exceptional sanctity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual person, and of the normative pattern or order revealed or ordained by him” (cited in Kronman 1983, p.47).

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‘There is authority of the extraordinary and personal gift of grace (charisma), the absolutely personal devotion and personal confidence in revelation, heroism, or other qualities of individual leadership. This is ‘charismatic’ domination, as exercised by the prophet or-in the field of politics-by the elected war lord, the plebiscitarian ruler, the great demagogue, or the political party leader’(cited in Gerth, Mills & Turner 1991, p.79).

‘There are, however, some characteristics that make an NRM more visible and, thereby, significant as an NRM. One may find, for example, the first generation enthusiasms, the unambiguous clarity and certainty in the belief system, the urgency of the message, the commitment of life-style, perhaps a charismatic leadership, and, possibly strong Them/Us and/or Before/After distinctions-all of which are, of course, liable to undergo significant change within a single generation’.

Charismatic leaders have the capability to create social revolutions.

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