Childhood trauma and Resiliency.


During the aftermath of these events, it is possible that the children cannot sustain psychological well-being.

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Childhood trauma and Resiliency.
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Situations that do not result in a child’s capacity to successfully deal with a traumatic experience could be due to the risk factors that lead to a more difficult recovery (Applied Research and Consulting, LLC et al., 2002). Among the major factors that influence a child’s success in dealing with the trauma are: (1) being a direct witness to the traumatic event, (2) involvement or exposure of a family member to the event, (3) having members of the family dying during such an event, (4) already having a previous mental or psychological problem and (5) having no support network.

After traumatic events, some children may require the help of professionals in order to deal with the adverse effects. Children who have faced adverse and traumatic events could go the probabilistic path towards failure and disruption in performance of developmental tasks that increase psychopathology and maladaptation (Cicchetti, 2002). However, not all children who faced trauma, as in the case of abused and neglected children, develop maladaptation. Some children are able to effectively cope and successfully perform the developmental tasks that are required for their age. With time, acute distress could disappear. children cope and grow into competent adults. Many children have risen out of adversity to become highly successful and well-adjusted, leading responsible and fulfilling lives. These children have made the best out of adversity. Some face their trauma head-on, make the most of their lives, and positively influence other people’s lives.

Success in the face of adversity has been attributed the development and prevalence of resilience. Resilience is a form of human adaptation arising from mechanisms that result in improving children’s capacity to adapt and cope with traumatic stress and adversity.

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