Childhood Vaccinations.

At the same time, according to Allen’s article, “the compensation program provides financial assistance to families to care for children injured by vaccines and helps those families who have lost a child to a severe side effect” (Allen 2002). But it should be remembered, that the mentioned system is designed as ‘non-fault’, which means that it is no need in defining whether the vaccine has been defective or the doctor didn’t have enough medical skills to prevent side effects. In case no other specific medical reasons for child’s death are found, it is supposed that the vaccine has caused it. But it should also be remembered, that “if the injury or cause of death is not one of a list of known vaccine side effects, the families must provide proof that the ailment was caused by the vaccine”. (O’Meara, 2003)Using the MEDLINE database, it was possible to find the following data:There’s been a huge decline, and disease rates in adults are now higher than in children,” said Dr. Beth P. Bell, chief of epidemiology in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Division of Viral Hepatitis and senior author of a report that appears in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association. There were 25,000 to 35,000 cases of hepatitis A per year in this country before the era of vaccination. But in 2003, about 7,600 cases were reported, and the total for 2004 will probably be around 6,000 (http:/

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 Childhood Vaccinations.
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