Chinese Film.


ng the transition from the 1950s to 1960s.This essay will focus on the movie, Forever Fever (That is The Way I like it,) and the main character, Hock. The discourse will examine in detail how the identity of Hock is transformed in many ways by being a fan of Bruce Lee and John Travolta.

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The film, Forever Fever, was produced in 1998. It features Hock (Adrian Pang), a fan of Bruce Lee, working in a local supermarket. The initial scenes of the film show Hock’s friends trying to entice him to accompany them to the cinema show that features Bruce Lee. Hock is a big fan of Bruce Lee’s actions following the many films he has acted in. Bruce was regarded as the best martial artist and a pop culture figure in the 20th century. Besides, he was a role model for many actors. Through his actions, many actors have adopted his style of acting and acquired his characters. Based on these facts no one can deny the role and the influence Bruce Lee has had on the film industry.

Hock is surprised when he finds that the movie shown is not the one he expected. Initially, he gets bored with the movie but is later inspired by the dancing styles he sees from John. At the same time, an advert is made about a dancing competition where the winner was to win five thousand dollars. Hock develops an interest to participate in the contest, but the problem is that he has no dancing skills necessary to win the competition. Hock knows that if he wins the competition he will have more money enough to buy a motorcycle.

The inspiration makes Hock enroll for a dancing class in one of the local schools. He is inspired with the works of John Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever (directed by John Badham in 1977). The scenes in the movie portray how the lifestyle of Hock conforms to his role models (Bruce Lee and John Traolta). The way he leads his life and the kind of activities that he does clearly show a determined personality who wants to achieve his goals.

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