Chinese history paper.

Nonetheless, these twin goals complemented one another because in both cases, there was some form of oppression of one party by a dominant party that needed to be eliminated. In addition, the twin goals were finally achieved and the success of these goals had a great impact on China as a country and has continued to shape it even today.

The novel “The Dragon’s Village” provides an account of the experiences of a young woman who goes out to a remote village in 1950s revolutionary China to participate in implementing land reform program as one of the goals of the Communists. The novel also addresses the role and place of women in China during this period. During her assignment in the village of Longxiang, Ling-ling experiences the positive and negative effects that the revolutionary policies of the Communists had on the cultural practices and attitudes of the people in the village. The cultural practices and beliefs of the people in China at his period of time seemed to have supported the level of oppression of peasants and the subordination of women in the society. However, the Communists are seen to play a critical role as far as these two aspects are concerned.

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The revolution in China had two major goals, and these can be considered to be liberating in nature. First, there was the goal of initiating land reforms. This was important and had liberation at its centre because the peasants in China at this time were oppressed by the landlords. When Ling-ling visited the village of Longxiang to initialize land reforms in the area, she addressed the villagers and let them know that she had come to help them carry out land reforms. She noted that the villagers worked on the land day and night throughout the year, yet they are always dressed in rags and experience famine (77).

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