Choices and Decisions Enhancing Quality of Life.


There has to be a proper arrangement of items in the environment so that it becomes presentable and lacking healthy hazards that can Habor diseases and other unwanted elements. Personal responsibility refers to the concept of people to having the ability to make choices, instigate or even cause their actions in different ways (Roth, 2005). When we make decisions that results in to certain actions and behavior, it is prudent that we can be legally liable or accountable for the outcomes. In this case, personal responsibility becomes different from the notion that human behavior and actions are brought about by factors beyond the control of the person himself (Pryor, 2010). It is important to note that all people have the ability to create an effective and reliable atmosphere where they can live harmoniously with other people. For this reason, it is important for people to understand that social power is something that I within everyone’s ability and control. In this understanding, people are supposed to assume different levels of personal responsibility in order to have social power in the same way they places personal responsibility for political behavior (Greenfield, 2011). Many instances have been witnessed of people blaming the state of governance and social welfare in the community, while blaming it on the leaders in government, they always forget that it is their actions and choices in the voting process that placed them in power. This example illustrates the fact that people have to be responsible for their actions whether it is on the political, social or economic front. Personal responsibility is all about value creation, such that just as all values are personal so should be the decision to be responsible.

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Choices and Decisions Enhancing Quality of Life.
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