Christian Believes.

He gave them the ability to control nature, which was created in order to allow people to have everything necessary for their lives. Many modern scholars believe that Christianity is responsible for the deterioration of the environment and the emergence of serious problems such as global warming, pollution of the planet, etc. However, if one reads the Bible attentively, he/she will see that the Bible urges people to respect nature and the environment based on a rational and careful use of natural resources. God created nature and gave the man the ability to control it:

The Bible focuses particular attention on the responsible attitude of people to nature. In particular, in the Old Testament, Jewish people had been instructed to give the land an opportunity to rest for 50 years, so it could be used after (Lev. 25. 8-11). In addition, God forbade the Jews to destroy the trees growing in the cities that they wanted to capture (Deut. 20.19). Thus, Christianity justifies the need to take care of nature, because nature gives people all that they need for their harmonious life.

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Christian Believes.
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Unfortunately, violence continues to be one of the most common forms of misunderstanding between people. Throughout the world, one can observe various forms of violence that often lead to casualties. As an example of violence, one can consider the type of violence caused by racial hatred. Many countries have faced this serious problem. United States is no exception. In the US, racial hatred led to the death of many people. Many people who have been victims of such violence believed that they had the right to use violence in response. Nevertheless, Christianity represented by the Bible and especially the New Testament opposes any form of violence, in particular caused as a result of racial hatred. Jesus Christ has marked a completely new approach to the problem of violence.

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