Classmates-Sexuality Around the World.

For example, homosexuality is openly condemned in many African countries and viewed as an act against African customs. Specifically, a Sub-Saharan country, Uganda, has been pushing for a legislative action against homosexuals dubbed “Kill the Gays Bill” by the media (Sharlet, 2010). This high criminalization of an aspect of sexuality instills fear and degrades sense of belonging when homosexuals have to leave their countries for fear of being incarcerated or killed so to speak.

Societies and governments can essentially play a vital role in reducing sexual dysfunctions. They need to consider individual differences in sexual orientation, personality, character, sexual needs, and sexual interests. Expecting all persons to exhibit the same sexual behavior is ignorant to the actual environment within which people are brought up. Sexuality freedom should be upheld.

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Classmates-Sexuality Around the World.
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Countries around the world approach sexuality from diverse and dynamic points of view. Your focus on Indonesia is very informative and country-specific, thus highlighting sexuality in an intensive and extensive approach. The highlights you have presented about Indonesia are shared by many other countries worldwide. For instance, in many Middle East and African countries, women are there to be seen and not heard. Ultimately, their self-esteem is highly affected subject to sexuality and sexual performance.

Beading of girls is a common practice among the Samburu people of the Kenyan communities in East Africa (Parkinson, Phillips, & Gourlay, 2006). Young girls engage in sexual activities with older men, resulting in the belief that their sexual behavior is best designed for the older males in the community. Notably, underage marriages are common alongside female genital mutilation (Parkinson, Phillips, & Gourlay, 2006).

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