Cleaning and Maintenance of Capital Kitchen Equipment.

In our discussion, we shall consider dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, ranges/cookers and ventilation equipment. We shall further look at how best we can maintain the equipment to ensure they retain quality. Imagine washing 1,000 dishes manually. A lot of time will be spent scrubbing the dishes, which leads to fatigue. You may have to employ the services of more than one person. You will need plenty of soap. If in a busy setting, such as hotels with a large turnover of the customers, it may end up being a major expense. Many people with such needs end up acquiring a dishwasher. Unlike manual cleaning, a one-time purchase makes the cleaning more efficient. A dishwasher is mechanical and cleans many dishes at once. It uses electric energy. It has rotating sprays of hot water that clean the oily and greasy dishes. Detergent and water is sprayed at first to clean them, after which it is drained and clean water sprayed to rinse them. A heating element in the washer is then used to dry the dishes (Sforza, 2014). Ovens are heat-insulated machines that can achieve very high degrees of heat. They are used in both a domestic and a commercial and industrial setting. In a domestic setting, they are machines used for cooking. They can also be used to heat the house, bake and even dry some materials. In a commercial setting, ovens are used for large-scale baking, pottery, metalwork, amongst other activities involving a lot of heat but have to be customized for these duties (Sforza, 2014).

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 Cleaning and Maintenance of Capital Kitchen Equipment.
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