Cognitive Disorders.

She also shows economic impairment as Lisa really wonders how she managers her household finances and her checkbooks. She’s also cautious that Lisa and the sister are stealing her money (Blazer, 2013).

Other questions that I would ask include those that trigger memory such as the last time June went to work if she can remember. This is to test her memory as loss of memory is also a symptom. I would also ask if she has shown signs of violence, irresponsibility and disrespectfulness. Cognitive disorder patients normally show such symptoms. Since depression is one of the symptoms, June might suffer from delayed or irregular menstrual cycle. On the other hand, due to weird behavior and isolation, she might suffer from neglect and abandonment that might affect her health.

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In order to help June and Lisa obtain appropriate treatment, I would refer June to obtain a neuropsychological evaluation that will prove whether it is a neurocognitive disorder. If the diagnosis test turns out positive, I would recommend medication to June such as cholinesterase inhibitors donepezil, galantamine, and rivastigmine (Philip, 2013). I would also advice Lisa to provide her with extended nursing or home care placement as the caregiver’s support becomes very key in managing this disorder.

The family and the treatment team need to show love and effective care to June for her not to feel that something’s wrong. In fact, when still in this condition, she needs to undergo the medication and care without being informed about what she is suffering from. This will uplift their confidence and make them feel part of the society without any discrimination.

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