Commotio Cordis


Furthermore, a cricketer who died due to this condition was aged 43 years and he has been recognized to be the individual with the highest age who died due to this pathology. In the United States of America, there have been 190 people who have been affected with this condition. Baseball has been associated with the highest number of cases of this condition but other sports which include softball, lacrosse, hockey and soccer also lead to this pathology. Trauma to the chest wall during fist impact has also been reported. The trauma to the chest wall results in the alteration of the normal rhythmic heartbeat of an individual and the condition can prove to be fatal in almost 85 percent of the cases. It has been marked as the second leading reason of sudden cardiac death in the athletes (Bracker 2011. Thompson 2001).

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Commotio Cordis
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Commotio cordis is also referred to as cardiac concussion. Though the condition was described previously, the first case of this traumatic pathology came in the year 1978 when a young boy of 7 years died due to this condition. The boy died after he was hit bluntly on the chest wall by a shot of decreased energy. The identification of the pathology and its proper description led to the increase in the number of cases of this condition. The United States Consumer Safety Commission identified an important aspect in the year 1984 that during the game of baseball, fatalities were higher due to traumatic chest injury as compared to injuries to the head. The cardiac presentations of the condition include ST elevation on the ECG, abnormal rhythms of the heart, ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia as well as heart block. The main phenomenon is considered to be associated with trauma mainly to the left ventricle at a time of 10 to 30 milliseconds prior to the T elevation of the heartbeat which results in fibrillation of the ventricle.

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