Communication between the superior and employees.


The superior-subordinate barrier can cause a poor communication in the organization resulting in inefficient production and ineffective performance. By resolving this dilemma, a smooth communication going to be created between superior and subordinates resulting in employee motivation and better performance. In this literature review, the superior-subordinate barrier is going to be discussed along with highlighting different studies from a number of scholars regarding the research topic.Superior-subordinate communication barrier, which is an important part of the relationship between both parties. The communication within the organization means the flow of information upward from employee or downward from the management and how easy is it to transform the information specifically from the subordinates to their superiors. Information could mean a suggestion from the employee, recommendation, complaining and engaging. Having looked at the literature of different studies, observed that many people prefer to maintain relationships rather than expression insensitive truth, described this phenomenon as the hierarchal mum effect, which is the reluctance of an individual to oppose his or her superior opinion for the purpose of maintaining the relationship between them.(Edmondson, 1999. Morrison & Milliken, 2000) suggested that by encouraging employees to speak up and raise improvements ideas it will lead to a successful implement change and a better organizational performance.

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Communication between the superior and employees.
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