Communication for Management.


First of all, I would allow all my team members to express their individual views regarding a particular topic. Each of the member’s view would be properly listened. Contribution of each of them would be given enough importance. It is crucial to note that differences among group member’s beliefs, values and attitudes are the main source of conflict (Team Building Directory, n.d.). Hence, it is very important to apply this above mentioned strategy. The main objective of doing these would be to make the members feel that their involvements are very much significant in the way of achieving the group’s main target.

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Secondly, team members would be made involved in the decision making processes. This is likely to make sure that the decisions are not in favor of any particular individual rather they are taken for the overall betterment of the group and its performance.

Communication is a crucial aspect which greatly impacts the aspects like ‘conflict’. As a manager of the team I would make sure that all the channels through which communication among the team members including me takes place are working properly. In simple words, there should not be any communication gap between me and my group

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