Communication skill -roseberg

The use of words alone has no meaning because it the people who supply their meaning to constituent words.

Language develops from the act of working together or doing things together in a socialization circle, which leads to coining meaning to words. In every form of communication that we get involved in, we need to have nonviolent communication where we use our words in a polite manner so as not to hurt our listeners or cause pain to them. If there is the use of hard language or vocabulary, then communication breakdown is experienced (Rosenberg 2003). In any form of communication, the interlocutor needs to choose words effectively because one does not need to hurt the listener in any way. It is important to avoid impolite language that may trigger bad feelings because this leads to communication breakdowns. In communication, one assumes that his or her language and content is understood by the other party by ensuring our needs are felt by the other party in the conversation (Rosenberg 2003). Part of the problem when many people communicate is that they only take their own needs into consideration and do not think of how their message is received by the other person. This can be a hard thing to judge because every person is different when it comes to communication. However, there are some principles that must be used in every instance of communication. The most obvious one is to respect to person who is listening to you and consider how they would interpret your message. Just because you have a certain way of thinking does not mean that the other person will think the same. Nonviolent communication can be used to help both parties of the conversation to feel as though they are being treated equally be one another. One of the first keys to successful nonviolent communication is to observe the body language of the other person.

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Communication skill -roseberg
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