Compare and Contrast Articles and A Case Study.


tance, in the Centralia Mine explosion, a total of 111 miners were killed. in the Sago Mine explosion, a total of 12 miners died. in the Utah Mine explosion, nine miners died, while 29 miners died in the West Virginia coal mine explosion. Therefore, all these four mines led to loss of lives. This means that they were quite severe. In some mine disasters, miners trapped in the mines are rescued, however, in these four. the severity was high, resulting in deaths.

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Compare and Contrast Articles and A Case Study.
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Another similarity between the four mine disasters is that it was perceived that the mine disasters could have been prevented. For instance, investigators from the Federal Mine Safety and Health concluded that the West Virginia Coal mine explosion would have been prevented, if the mine company had complied with the safety regulations laid down by Federal government (Berkes Web). Similarly, the Utah mine explosion could have possibly been prevented if the Crandall Canyon Mine would have been adhering to the Federal safety regulations. Prior to the mine explosion, the Crandall Canyon Mine had a history of violating the Federal safety regulations, hence was liable for penalties. For instance, the mine lacked two separate passageways for escape in case of emergency (Grey Web). On the other hand, it was noted that the Centralia mine was highly hazardous. hence the miners faced a safety threat. A major concern was the high level of coal dust, which predisposed the mine to explosions (Martin Web). Finally, investigations into the Sago mine disaster showed that the mine was highly hazardous. This had 20 roof-tops that were dangerous, 14 power wire insulation problems and cases of inadequate ventilation. These were some of the safety violation of this mine, in addition to 96 others (Shakir Web). Overall, the four mine disasters occurred due to negligence of the authorities in charge. These failed to adopt safety measures in order to protect their miners.

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