Compare and contrast different computers and smartphones.

This monitor was good for my needs since VGA is outdated, HDMI is the new technology that I was looking at.

My CPU is pretty solid as it has HP ProDesk 400 Desktop PC . It has an Intel Core i5-4670 with 1 TB hard drive storage and processing capability of 8GB. I picked this system because it is fast, robust, and has a lot of storage capability. This will allow me to have mass storage with 1TB and processing power if I wanted to upload would be supplemented with fast processing 8 GB. I wanted a 64-bit because it would enable my computer to have speed.

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Compare and contrast different computers and smartphones.
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The biggest benefit of having the HP ProDesk is that 1TB of storage. Since I have to deal with a lot of storage capabilities this becomes a focal point. The i5 is one of the best processors in the market right now which makes it have supreme capabilities. Anytime a user buys equipment, it is necessary to be aware of the pricing with the necessary specs. I went for a company such as ASUS for monitors because of the price. However, when it came to desktop- it was evident I needed to use something that was much more functional even if it meant to spend more money.

Shop online for your ideal laptop, ultra book, or tablet. What will it cost? From where will you buy it? Why did you pick this particular computer vendor? Describe this system are far as the CPU, memory, busses, ports, hard drive, wireless networking, battery life, and screen including resolution and size. What features were most important to you?

I bought a $661.83 HP Probook from Tigerdirect, which was an i5 and it was great for all my working purposes. The i5 again gives me supreme functioning capabilities. In addition, the laptop is lightweight, around 5lbs. One thing to be incognizant is that 64 bit RAM is pretty decent as well.

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