Compare and Contrast Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The Martin Luther king’s dream was wide. it included poverty and what he called “militarism”. Today, Luther King is known for his tremendous efforts against racial discrimination. As much as King fought against racial discrimination, it is vast and complex, and cannot be treated as a single subject. This is because it included the social, education, political and economic discrimination of Black people in America. In 1962, King, On behalf of the Black community, made an appeal to President Kennedy to complete his work of giving freedom to the Black community (Schlueter 60). However, because Martin Luther King came from a background of loving parents and later Christian leader, he preached peaceful demonstrations in all the campaigns he was involved in. America will remember Dr. Luther, for his peaceful movements such as Black Civil Rights Bill enforcement as well as Supreme Court Ruling against the laws of Jim Crow. His major strategy was peaceful protesting. mostly inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. In this various speeches, Luther, created an image of an activist of peace across the United States (Schlueter 70 -77).

Malcolm X was a frustrated person from his childhood age until his times of changing America’s ideology about African-Americans. Malcolm sought refuge in Islamic nations and used the same to protest in his campaign against racism. In his protest, he did not preach for peaceful demonstration, but, taught the Black people to use anything in their power to reject racism. Unlike Luther King, Malcolm X disliked white people because of their oppressiveness especially the poor Black poor people in the ‘ghetto’ (Ladenburg 31). However, Malcolm X, just like Luther King, wanted to end racism and the best for the Black community.

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