Compare and contrast of two artworks (art history)


The general term ‘artwork’ is used in comparing and contrasting since Durer’s work is an engraving and not a painting like Titian’s.

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Compare and contrast of two artworks (art history)
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Durer, in his depiction of Adam and Eve, is meticulous with balance and proportion in such a way that Adam is almost like Eve’s female counterpart. Both characters have curly hair, and both are nude with covered private parts. Durer’s engraving gives the magical illusion that the characters are somewhat standing out from its dark background (Silver and Smith 49). His work is like a three dimensional image. He uses ink as a medium to darken the background (Silver and Smith 49). His style is what is known as Northern Renaissance in European Art.

Like Durer, Titian likes to portray subjects in nude or semi-nude. By contrast, Titian’s Concert Champêtre painting is oil on canvas. His love for nature is shown by his vibrant display of the natural colors of an outdoor environment, as opposed to black and white. In effect, his style is more realistic, especially the women’s bodies whose skin texture is quite realistic. His style is considered Italian High Renaissance, Venetian School.

The similarities involved are their fondness for the outdoors and how their subjects seem to be interacting with each other in harmony. Also, each of the human subject’s hand is busy holding something. Concert Champêtre involves musical instruments, while Adam and Eve shows the biblical ‘forbidden fruit.’ During this time, central Europe had been the ‘seat of religious upheaval,’ which might have played a role in the artist’s choice for a subject.

At first glance, there are no traces of writing in Titian’s artwork compared to Durer’s branding, which translates to “Albrecht Durer of Nuremberg” (Johnson 124). In Concert Champêtre, the man carrying a lute and wearing silk looks out of place (Graham-Dixon 251).

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