Comparison/contrast between Los Angels, California and Pocatello, Idaho.

The population in both cities is increasing at a decreasing rate. Both L.A. and Pocatello have experienced an increase in population from 1990 to now. However, the population growth rate in Pocatello is higher than that of L.A. According to statistics by Sperling, the population growth rate of Pocatello since 2000 is 5.21 percent while that of Los Angeles is 0.40 percent. However, these statistics are lower than those from 1990 to 2000.

Los Angeles population has a high probability of living in rental housings than in Pocatello. This situation arises because, in Los Angeles, the cost of building a house is approximately three times the cost of building the same house in Pocatello. Sperling states that 59.2 percent of people living in Pocatello own their homes while only 35.7 percent own houses in Los Angeles. Rental percentage, however, is higher in Los Angeles at 57.55 percent compared to Pocatello’s 32.28 percent. Property tax rates are higher in Pocatello than in Los Angeles at 9.28 and 8.22 percent respectively.

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Comparison/contrast between Los Angels, California and Pocatello, Idaho.
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In both cities, female population is the dominant population slightly above the male population. In both cities the majority of the population is aged between 30 and 40 years. however, that of Pocatello is slightly lower than the median age in Los Angeles at 30.4 and 34.1 respectively (Sperling). The population composition is somewhat comprised of all races in both cities with the White being highly represented, and the Hawaiian race being the least represented. Pocatello’s population is 91.47 percent whites, and that of Los Angeles is 52.50 Whites and a 0.15 and 0.18 percent Hawaiians respectively (Sperling).

As a percentage of the total population, both cities indicate a high composition of family households than non-family households with an average of three as the household size in both cities. People stand a greater chance of being married in Pocatello than in Los Angeles. T

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