The Government of Berckistan has decided to liberalise its telecommunications industry. Currently the incumbent operator, BerckTel, is part of the Post Office and has the oversight of any regulatory issues, notably in spectrum mana.

The expansion of the recent financial crisis has caused severe pressures in economies worldwide. The reform of existing market structure would be an effective solution for the limitation of the effects of recession in the international market. The regulatory framework developed by national and international authorities in regard to the freedom of entrepreneurial activities is not standardized. In most countries, the close control of the market is regarded as a more effective strategy against the global recession. However, under certain terms, radical changes in the existing market practices are required aiming to increase the power of local economy. In Berckistan, the local government has decided that the liberalization of the country’s telecommunications industry is necessary in order for the efficiency of the local market to be increased. The response of the sector’s competitors, especially of the BerckTel – the industry’s major operator – need to be taken into consideration. The policies required for the establishment of the relevant plan are examined in this paper. Emphasis is given on the regulatory issues of the particular initiative taken into consideration the fact that the country is a member of the European Union. The legislation and the case law related to this activity will be examined. reference will be made both to the national and the European Union law and legislation. It is proved that the chances for success of the specific project are high. However, it is necessary that measures are taken in advance for the limitation of resistance related to the reform of existing market structure. Any potential dispute would be addressed using the relevant national and European Union legal framework.

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The understanding of the term liberalization is necessary in order to identify and evaluate the aspects of the particular activity.

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