Competitive Analysis & Marketing Strategy for Dells Computer.

Studies carried out during that period indicated that Dell Company shipped less computer units in the whole world than Hewlett-Packard (Holzner, 2005). Conversely, recently, Apple Macs are more used in colleges than Dell computers.

Dell has a competitive advantage over its rivals. The company’s mission is hugely focused on its clients. Its initiatives include promoting world growth, establishing a culture of winning, increasing the experience of clients, and attaining leadership of products. When the company sells the PCs to the clients directly, it understands the needs of clients and gives efficient computing answers to meet clients’ necessities. This perspective is advantageous to Dell because it permits the company to design effective systems for clients and at adequate costs. Moreover, the direct sales do away with middle men or retailers who add excessive cost and time. Also, Dell’s computers are customized and targeted to the needs of the clients. The company also provides projectors, network servers, work stations, and printers (Holzner, 2005).

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Competitive Analysis & Marketing Strategy for Dells Computer.
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Dell’s position in the market place is that of convenience to the clients. Dell Company is a varied information technology provider which partners with other companies to provide a large variety of global services and products. Dell Company is committed to giving its clients well built and designed systems, and also ensuring that they are innovative so as to give clients a value that is outstanding (Mueller, 2002). For over 20 years, Dell Company has been linked with developing, customizing and designing services and products that satisfy a broad range of clients including individual clients to retailing and corporate businesses. Dell’s philosophy to directly engage customers has turned into a business model for other corporations and organizations (Dell &&nbsp.Fredman, 2006).

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