Competitors analysis and 4p analysis.


atapact business with three competitors in a bid to determine areas in which the company can adjust to increase its performance using the four parameters.

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Competitors analysis and 4p analysis.
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We shall first compere Datapact with Netstar. In terms of products, the two companies offers a variety of IT services to their customers with the sole aim of increasing their revenues and for diversification purposes. Datapact offers consultancy, security and antivirus solutions, hardware maintenance, software licensing and compliance among many other IT services (Datapact 2014). Nestar on the other hand offers a wide range of IT services which includes fixing it problems, cloud computing, experts in mac IT support, ditching slow connectivity among other IT services. The two companies therefore offer several services to help solve their customers’ problems and demands.

In terms of promotion, both companies have relied heavily on references and used social media platform to lure potential customers and ensure customer retention. Datapact has for instance included the testimonials of their customers on the website with the objective of attracting new customers and giving assurance to the market of the quality of services it offers. Netsar similarly has included complementary messages of their customers to show satisfaction for their products and as a marketing strategy meant to attract customers. Both companies have also used social media platforms and electronic advertising to help expand their businesses and increase their revenues.

Prices of Netstar are fixed and are based on a per user rates. On the other hand, Datapact offers flexible rates to their customers and promises affordable prices as a way of ensuring that their costs are customer friendly.

The fourth important element of marketing is the place. Datapact as a company offers their customers services both in their offices and at the customer premises depending on the nature of the service being offered.

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