Conceptual Blending.

This paper will base its focus on identifying the first concept that will be appropriate for the process from a selected reference point. Secondly, it will give the other concept whose fusion with the first will bring out the third and final concept. The second concept will also be from a selected source on a reference manual.

The last part of this paper will highlight the concept blending process bringing out the new applicable concept. It will include illustrations to try to bring out the aspects required in a more clear and visual way.

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Conceptual Blending.
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In essence, all institutions or organizations are organized systems. This means that the departments within it are interrelated and rely on each other for the overall well functioning of the institution. In addition, there are two systems popularly visible in an organizational structure. First, there is the open system whose main influence is the outside surroundings and is the most reckoned system. People within this form of system tend to be accepting to outside forces therefore not limiting their level of interaction with the outside surrounding. Secondly, there is the closed system whose focus is on those within the organizations borders. These systems have reserved nature with limited outside communication to its environs there fore making it less privileged to what its surroundings have to offer. In this regard, the ideal first concept for this paper would be the open system that is easier to work with. An illustration at this point would be useful to paint the picture that this point puts across.

In identifying the second concept, immediacy would be the ideal choice for this. Immediacy is the level of percept of physical attachment between individuals working in an organization.

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