Conclusion of the film Whatever Works.

The most important thing in the film is Boris, the leading character of the story, and how his assurance about the truth gets turned upside down. Boris, an expansive atheist with partial disposition to paranoia, seems like a man who is too much skeptic about the world and believes that he knows the way things are. The character of Boris is rather arrogant and extremely negative, although for some reasons he constantly want to fasten his world view to everyone he meets. Thus, thanks to Boris, the main message of the entire movie is quite obvious, because it speaks literally in every movement and dialogue in the film. The nihilistic main character meets a girl who is opposite to him and eventually he expands his world view on her with the difference that he knows the essence of things and she doesn’t realize it. At the very beginning of the story Boris takes the stance that he knows the truth about the word but further circumstances and what they turn into prove to him that things not always work predictably. Notwithstanding that at the end Boris still keeps claiming that he is the only one who sees the entire picture. The interesting thing here is that Boris’ position is rather straight and it is supposed to be changed by all the circumstances and become gentler, still it turns out that he always knew the entire picture, and despite his straight assurance, all the changes actually have fit his world view.

Perhaps, the most provocative ting in the movie is the position Boris was trying to prove to everyone. He claims rather nihilistic things about God, he laughs at American values, and hates people (but simultaneously he can’t stand living without them). But with all the new circumstances and changes in Boris’ world, viewers start realizing that the world view is not the most provocative thing in the movie, but life itself is.

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