Conduct an investigation into any business organization.


Ooredoo is a public telecommunication company based in Qatar. It provides mobile, wireless, wireline and content services (, 2015). The state partly owns the company. It was a monopoly before starting to trade publicly in 2006. Ooredoo was first launched in Kuwait in 1999 before Qatar Telecom acquired 51% Wataniya Telecom shares from Kuwait Projects Holding KSC (KIPCO) group. In 2012, Qatar Telecom (QTel) made an offer to acquire the rest of the company. It has since increased its share to 92.1%. Its name changed to Ooredoo from Wataniya. QTel itself began in 1949 but was officially established in 1987. It developed to be National Telephony Services in 1970, operated by Qatar National Telephone Services (QVTS) while international services by Cable and Wireless.

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Conduct an investigation into any business organization.
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a duty that organizations have, other than making profits, to communities in which they find themselves. It is an emerging concept that has become universally accepted and adopted by many business entities as a way of appreciating communities and other stakeholders of organizations worldwide. CSR consumes the resources of organizations thus reducing their profits. This appears to be an inconsistency to the role of directors, which is to increase the wealth of shareholders by increasing profits. However, CSR does not start or end with the communities themselves but also with the shareholders too. Managers of organizations have a corporate social responsibility to shareholders in varied ways.

The first corporate social responsibility and the most important are maximizing profits leading to good returns and dividend policies. Organizations have a responsibility to shareholders who are the owners of capital to offer them good returns. This, therefore, calls upon the managers of Ooredoo to always make favorable and attractive dividend policies, which will attract more investors and create value for the shareholders investments.

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