Connectionist model.


Additionally they are referred to as neural networks (NN) or artificial neural networks (ANN). This article assesses the how the learning of a new skill occur based on the connectionist network model and how the connectionist model differs from the modified semantic network model.

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Connectionist model.
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The basic components of Connectionist network model are a set of processing networks, a set of modifiable connections between units and a learning procedure. The processing networks are the basic building blocks that form the connectionist system. The units are responsible for performing the processing, which happens within the connection network. The connection network models have no limitation to the number of the connections that a particular unit may have. The units can have weighted connections with themselves. However, the attention is limited to the simple three-layered system.

The exact details, which go on within a particular unit, will depend on the functional subcomponents of the unit. The subcomponents are the input function, the activation function, and the output function. The activation activity of a particular unit determines the internal activity of the unit, which will vary depending on the input that the unit receives.

Learning is a process that makes the melee presented to an animal’s senses to be organized in accordance to the principles stated above. This determines the animal’s future interactions with the world. According to the gestalt principle of psychology, they identified the principle of perceptual organization to affect animals. The school found out that according to the principle that are presented in close temporal proximity will be grouped in the same group as things that are visually similar to one another. They also noted that the elements of dynamic patterns that have a common fate are also grouped together.

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