Consequences of Immoral Behaviors.

According to Donner (2007), American Psychological Association ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct requires all information given to a psychologist in the cause of his or her professional work be kept in private. As a professional, a forensic psychologist should be able to protect information provided in a professional relationship. It is wrong for a psychologist to allow private information relayed to them to be disclosed to a legal system. A forensic psychologist would have to weigh their decision and consider whether this would harm the prisoner. The inmate gives much trust to the psychologist by admitting to him that he took the blame for his son’s assault to a 17 year old friend. Under no circumstances should the psychologist give this information to a third party. The plaintiff did not protest against the father’s decision to own up his son’s mistake. The process of decision-making is to a large extent based on ethics. A psychologist should be aware of ethics related concerns in a given situation. An informed decision can be arrived at only if there is a clear understanding of these concerns. The psychologist should be able to determine ethics based priorities. Self-honesty is fundamental for the purposes of decision-making. Priorities should be determined on the best interest of the inmate, professional code of ethics and the benefit to society. For example, in a case Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, the court held that the protection privileges ends where public peril begins (Buckner & Firestone, 2000). Period of deliberation also comes in hand when dealing with the question on ethics and confidentiality since they are not easily answered. A forensic psychologist should be able to make any ethical decision and take responsibility for that choice.

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Consequences of Immoral Behaviors.
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