Consultant view of business.

While there are advantages to directly working with employees in their training, say, to achieve better customer service, the practicality and long-term benefits of working with the leadership team could certainly outweigh them.

It is helpful to remember that training and development is aimed at improving employees’ skills and abilities. According to Pride, Hughes and Kapoor, training should be a continuing process. (p. 264) The constant employee training could be delegated and localized to their immediate managers because: 1) it is part of their responsibilities. 2) the manager would understand his staff better than Emma who must consider and understand the employees of all her stores. and, 3) managers should take increased responsibility if Emma wants them to be more committed to the company.

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Consultant view of business.
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Dealing with the managers is like involving them in the decision or policy-making process, which could address several factors including the managers’ resentment and frustration of being left out. the opportunity to become a stake holder in the organization, which allows for the cultivation of deeper commitment and loyalty to the organization. and so forth.

All in all, Emma had to work hard in order to facilitate and motivate the managers’ commitment and their change and adoption of her vision. She must constantly create and sustain conditions for success of the change she wants or the vision that she wants her people to imbibe.

I will definitely advise against the buyout by HIW company. Clearly, Emma likes what she does and she left her previous work in order to setup the business. Emma’s problem is that her company is growing fast and she must work hard to keep pace with it. Here, it is clear that the answer is definitely not HIW – selling her company to it and returning to work for it again.

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