Consumer behavior.

Perspectives of economics of information emphasize on the importance of advertising as means of product disposal. Advertising changes perception either positively or negatively. Those that bring out a negative perception are often worked on through corrective advertising. Companies are able to acquire market access through advertising although factors such as culture jamming and counterfeiting have been a hindrance to the advertising success of many companies. Advertising further contributes to quality assurance which is guaranteed through total quality management. In recent times advertising has improved through increased media literacy. Though advertising increases sales, consumers still need to be protected (CIEM, 1).

Legislation relating to consumers in America focuses on factors such as consumer protection from fraud and deception among other things. Other laws address the need of business ethics and control conscientious consumerism. An example of American legislation that relates to consumers is the need for corporates to carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a way of giving back to the community. Another example is protection of consumers against false advertising and exploitation.

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Social marketing is the process through which distinct set of activities are used to influence and maintain people’s behaviour. The consequential behaviour aimed at benefiting the general community is supposed to be sustainable. This approach depends on transformative consumer research (TCR) for its effectiveness and is applicable in different social areas such as health and commerce. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is an example in America that has used this approach. They discourage people from purchasing products made out of natural fur through public campaigns with the aim of protecting animals.

A poll was conducted among ten drivers of different ages.

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