Consumption expenditure


Construction developed sturdily in the initial part of the decade and while there was a momentary deterioration in mid-2000s, in 2007, this reversed.

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Consumption expenditure
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Industries have exhibited various inclinations after the last economic downturn. The production, manufacturing and construction industries were heavily affected by the decline of economic conditions. In contrast, the output of the service industry declined by four percent from its peak to trough. Production began to develop in 2010, and the construction and manufacturing industries exhibited a similar strength, and none of the industries showed a sustained growth. The output of production dropped in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, the output of construction dropped sharply.

In 2014, the output of construction improved. However, the output dropped in the recent quarter. While there has been a prevalent development across the sections of GDP since the beginning of 2013, the service industry still remains to be the steadiest and the largest contributor to the economic development, and is the only headline industry, where the output has passed the levels of pre-downturn.

The United Kingdom experienced a marginally slower standard compound growth of GDP in five years after the economic downturn. this is also the same for the service industry. In quarter four of 2014, only the production and service industry outperformed the post-downturn growth rates of the headline industry. Within the insurance, financial and service industries have exhibited certain strengths when compared to the 5-year average.

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