Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management.


There has been a 605% increase in violent crimes in U.S.A alone since 1953. Americans view violence and crime as the most significant issue being witnessed in the U.S.A. A good criminal justice system helps to maintain law and order of a country under control. Even though the administration is toothed with an exhaustive power to trace and punish criminals, many procedures have been set out by the American Constitution like the right to engage a counsel, right to remain silent, right to appeal, etc. for an accused. The main intention of a criminal law is to safeguard society. One of the famous maxims about criminal law is that the punishment must fit the crime. Thus, this research study helps to evaluate what a criminal system is, a comparison between traditional and contemporary policing, legal, diversity and ethical issues associated with American Criminal Justice System and about its intricacies in detail. [Summers &Hoffman, 2002, p.173].

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Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management.
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Criminal justice system consists of a great number of actors executing different jobs like judges, police officers, probation officers, bondsman, etc. Each player in the criminal justice system requires to gain assistance and cooperation of the other actors by assisting those players to accomplish their objectives.

The federal system of the United States is founded on the substratum notion that the states administer the principal responsibility for criminal justice and hence, criminal justice is the nucleus of state and not national responsibility.[Barkow,2003,p.33].

Currently, there is no single criminal justice system in U.S.A as different states follow many systems that are identical but individually distinctive.&nbsp.

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