Controversial issues in education.


This group thinks that spiritual and ethical teachings play a significant role in schooling as it is contributing to the behavior of students in a positive way. The prayers and belief can help them in different stages of lives and therefore there is a need of religious motivation in our students.

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Controversial issues in education.
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The other group of people who are not supporting prayers in schools think that organizing prayers that are against the children’s religious belief and can create confusion in the children’s mind about their religious beliefs, and therefore to avoid such matters prayers should be kept away from the public schools. According to a law in US, organizing prayers in school is considered illegal.

Another controversial issue is whether sexual education should be a part of educational curriculum or not. This is the most challenging issue faced by different educational institutions around the globe. I think that the children should be given proper sexual education by their schools so that they can make accountable and decent decisions. However some people think that this knowledge should be provided by their parents, but in most cases parents are not comfortable while sharing this information with their children. By providing the children with sexual information they can deal with the stresses related to different sexual activities and can make responsible decisions. Therefore sexual education is made a necessary part of our education system to avoid young pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (Curtis, 2008).

Another important issue related to education is whether uniform should be mandatory in schools. According to a research, uniforms should be mandatory for all the students as it represents the school’s image and esteem. The school uniform eliminates the gap between financially advantaged and disadvantaged students and it has been reported that 65% students

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