Controvirsal of Cancun.

Cancun is however popular around the world and Mexicans take pride of the beautiful sand beaches and resorts found in the area. The beauty and fun experienced in the place has as a result attracted significant numbers of high school graduates from the U.S to make trips to Cancun after graduating more of a sign of a gift from their parents. It is however important to note that some of the students may source for their own funds and pay for the trips on their behalf. The issue has led to controversy over a period of years mostly relating to legalization of alcohol sales to people aged below twenty years. It is however important to note that since Cancun is outside the U.S, the federal states laws relating to sale of alcohol or any other issue are not observed in Cancun. The media is creating controversy about Cancun arguing that parents need to avoid giving high school graduate students free tickets to visit Cancun as alcohol is legally available for people below the age of twenty years.

It is noble for parents to present gifts as recognition of their efforts and achievements upon graduating from high school or any other level. The form of gift given to a majority of high school graduates in the U.S occurs in the form of free tickets for a one week visit to Cancun where students visit with their peers and enjoy the fun experienced in the result. Every year, controversy arises regarding these high school graduate students trips relating to what happens over at Cancun (Nim 213). Despite the feeling from many parents that a trip to Cancun is a good gift to their children upon graduating from high school, there is need to focus on some issues. Although the idea and action is good, observers believe that it is for no healthy reason that the free trip should include fellow graduates as well as friends for a whole week to enjoy and have pure fun and pleasure.

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Controvirsal of Cancun.
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