Converging Evidence.


Hence, the study in this article focuses on college students below the age of 26 years. The study focuses mainly on the first-year student in Australian university with a small percentage coming from around the world. The study will also help in identifying attitudes that need strengthening for the students to the ability to seek professional help in the early prevention of mental health problems.

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 Converging Evidence.
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Participants were first-year students of ages between 18 and 25 achieving response of about 60%. There were also some who were receiving psychological treatment. The method involved online self-report survey using computers to enable anonymity of the participants. This kind of method is important in enabling honesty from the participants who may not want their personal lives to be known. Various methods including Extended GHSQ were vital in analyzing the intentions to seek help with nine possibilities. A combination of ATSPPHS and DES predicted the likelihood of seeking professional help. These methods determined the possibilities of certain attitudes contributing to an individual ability to seek psychological assistance in distress.

In the result, participants who had an attitude of thinking that they are developing a mental problem as first thought would seek professional help. Besides, those with emotional problems will also seek professional help. Most of the student showed that they were unlikely to seek mental health care in case of distress.

The article explores the psychological distress and attitude for seeking help among caregiver in Guam, USA. Multiple factors were under study including marital status, age and gender contributed to the psychological distress of the caregivers. There was need to know how a combination of many factors could create a help-seeking attitude. T

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