Corporations and its affect on the world.

Democracy, in its turn, is an ideal medium for the development and growth of businesses and corporations. Democracy and capitalism, in this sense, are the systems that consciously and lawfully encourage and allow so-called “free market” and “market competition” where the strongest wins. The strongest now means the richest. Those, who have got their influential and powerful positions in the global marketplace, will never let anyone new in. They play in democracy and in competition. They are more likely to agree on each one’s market share, than to share the market with one more pretender to wealth.

As for the overall concept of democracy, it is the system which is supposed to provide each citizen with an opportunity to influence the politics of the country and take part in the legislative practice of the state. On practice, however, we have a system which imposes the will of the elite to the general public, making people think the way they are supposed to think. With the help of the media the strong of the world can influence people’s thinking and opinions. As a result, we get a nation that is taught to believe in its government and not to question the government’s decisions.

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Corporations and its affect on the world.
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According to the research conducted by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Huang and Stone), nowadays the largest income concentrates in hands of 0.1% of income receivers. Inequality between high- and middle-income Americans has been rising since 1990. The tax returns data of 1917-2004 shows a U-shaped trend in the percentage of income received by the top 10% of income recipients (Burtless and Haskins 497). In 2005 the rich got 18% of the nation’s income (Colson). Consequently, the rates of economic and, as a result, political inequality reinforce each other and compromise democracy (Jencks).

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