Cosmological Argument

You are to present the Cosmological Argument for the existence of God and then you are to analyze the Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist world views that deny the existence of God. Finally, from your point of view, can the existence or non-existence of God be ra.

Attempting to establish the very initial event leads to two possibilities: the very first event was caused by someone at the beginning of the universe, or that there was not a first event and the series of events stretch back to infinity. The second possibility, however, lacks credibility as the events must have had a beginning and it cannot be attributed to infinity. This is because an argument that the past of the universe is infinite cannot explain the fact that the universe experiences time and is able to claim a past, present, and future (Weinberg 265).

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Cosmological Argument
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If we are left with the possibility that there must have been a beginning, the cause of the beginning must have, therefore, been caused by some being outside the universe, an eternal being with no beginning or end, a being that is not controlled by the forces of the universe. It is this creator that the cosmological argument calls God.

These three religions do not readily accept the existence of a Supreme Being who is responsible of the creation of the universe. Buddhism does not subscribe to the existence of God. Buddhists believe in the inherent wisdom present in human beings which was perfected by Buddha. Although Buddhists believe in superstitions of higher beings and the devil, they do not fully approve of the existence of a single superior being with the authority of the Christian God. Buddhists worship Buddha with a similar amount or zeal and respect as that accorded to God by other religions but deny the existence of God. According to them, the world simply exists and operates by natural power and law, not by a divine power (Jewell 278).

Hindus too do acknowledge the existence of a supreme being, although for them, the being is not one but many. They, therefore, do not believe in God but in gods.

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